Why Do Vaccinations Cause Autism?

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All About Autism
Every parent wants to do the best they can, and when things don't go as planned, they question if their parenting skills are good enough. When Heather found out her children both had Autism, she would compare them to others, knowing they would never be normal; always questioning why, and how they acquired this disorder. When her daughter reached the age of eight she stopped showing signs of Autism. Autism affects all autistic children in different ways. In this essay, I plan to research and find out more about Autism, the signs and symptoms and different spectrums of it, and if vaccinations cause Autism. This relates to my senior project, because I will be hosting a fundraiser for Autism and raising money to donate to the Rich
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Do you ever wonder why some autistic children act differently from others? Autism Spectrum Disorder affects three different areas of a child's life; it affects social interactions, communication skills, and their behaviors and interest. Every child is different and has their own way of expressing themselves (Autism Response). Some children may have better social skills than others. Autistic kids do not know how to express themselves so they do so through their different behaviors. Many autistic children are even nonverbal and will make different noises to communicate. It is very easy for a child with Autism to get upset because of their sensory, emotional, and cognitive difficulties. Sensory problems, emotional difficulties, and uneven cognitive abilities are all symptoms of Autism. Some more than others, but these are the most common symptoms of Autism (Autism Spectrum Disorder). For example, many of Autistic children can not express themselves like others who do not have the disorder. In many instances, it is very frustrating for both the child and whomever they are speaking to. If the child doesn't babble, coo, gesture (point, wave, grasp) by 12 months, doesn't speak not one single word by 16 months, and doesn't say any short 2 word phrases on their own by 24 months old they may have autism (Autism Spectrum Disorders Health Center). If a child is not showing any fine motor skills by 12 months, and not…show more content…
Being a babysitter of Autistic children and understanding their social and physical abilities, I feel that this disorder can be controlled. As a parent, I challenge you to research more about your child’s disorder and health and choices in general. Autism makes your child special and unique, so don't compare them to others. Some situations may become better or worse. Just believe in
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