Why Do We Choose For N Out Burger?

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Why do we choose In-N-Out Burger to Taiwan? We choice In-N-Out Burger to Taiwan market because Taiwan has wide fast-food of market, but don 't have many choices. Most people are bored with these fast food restaurants, and they would like something new. That 's why we choose In-N-Out Burger to entrance Taiwan. Taiwan‘s people have high acceptance of American food. “In-N-Out Burger” held one day flash mob selling in Taipei, 2014, and these 300 burgers sold out within only 2 hours. The campaigns received positive response from customers and demonstrated high acceptance of product. According to positive response from customers, Taiwan is next suitable location in Asian after Hong Kong. Background In-N-Out Burger Incorporated is a regional…show more content…
In-N-Out Burger spent about 30 years adding the milkshake in its menu and its branches extend to other states of U.S. using about 40 years, but these branches only distributed five states in the United States. Most unique dishes of In-N-Out Burger restaurants hidden in a “secret menu” and only those loyal fans know that. This unique approach has been pursued crazily by the consumers. In addition, due to the local characteristics of pride, nostalgia and fabulous taste, the In-N-Out Burger restaurant’s burgers and fries are very popular. Even though most people who come from far away place, they are eager to taste it. In 2011, when the first In-N-Out Burger restaurant opened in Texas, there are a lot of customers camped outside to buy burgers. Some customers who drove the cars queued up to buy burgers and the car line is two miles long. SWOT Analysis Strength: 1. Fresh, healthy, and tasty high quality food In-N-Out Burger has the highest standard to its food quality. They use 100% pure beef, without additives, fillers or preservatives. They have their own food facilities so they can grind meat and make it into patties. These enable them to completely control the process and the quality of every patty they make. Besides, there lettuce is hand-leafed, unlike most other fast-food restaurants. Potatoes shipped from the farm and they are cut in each store. They use these ways to confirm their fresh meal. 2. Simple menu In-N-Out Burger only serves burgers, fries
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