Why Do We Choose The Careers That We Do?

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Introduction Organizations are complex and involve an array of job functions and people and as such, organizational roles are just as unique as the individuals that are in those roles. Organizations much like people have a personality, which is very important. Some positions are socially intensive and other positions are solitary and involve working with things rather than people. Extroverts for the most part, like working with people and most introverts prefer working on their own and like to stay away from the hustle and bustle of day to day interactions (Cooper, 2013). Why is it that some people prefer one job over another? Some individuals choose marketing because they enjoy interacting with people and building relationships, and others choose accounting because it provides less interaction with people and focuses more on things instead. Why do we choose the careers that we do? Does our personality play a role in which roles we are attracted to in an organization? More importantly though, do personality characteristics and traits provide a structure for the types of organizational positions that individuals are best suited for? It’s not hard to decipher that employers want the best from their employees. An individual’s occupation is a large part of life and it could be said that most individuals define themselves based on the organizational role in which they belong. For most individuals in society, an organizational role gives a sense of purpose. It is crucial to make

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