Why Do We Continue to Debate the Use of Contraception Essay

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Contraception is it right or wrong and are you to young to decide for yourself? Recently we have been hearing a lot about Contraception ad if it is right or wrong and who gets to decide. The name of the Scholarly article that I chose to write about is, (Simonds & Ellertson, 2004, p. 1285-1297) Emergency Contraception and Morality reflections of health care workers and clients. In the United States our government goes back and forth between trying to be conservative and trying to separate personal feelings from what people are trying to push them to do. Our government has been taking steps to over haul health care in the United States and my doing so they have been talking about Contraception and if it’s right or wrong and what guide lines…show more content…
They also interviewed medical professionals from many backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, and professions and they gave their advice on a certain situation involving the clients and contraception. The authors of the article learned that you should take positive steps to acknowledge the difficulty and confusion involved in decision making and follow through when it comes to contraception (even though these activities may not be confusing to health care worker) or helping women gain the skills they need to negotiate (or avoid) sexual encounters that put them at risk for sexual encounters that put them at risk of STD’S or unwanted pregnancies.

Now we will discuss the Media Article on Contraception, why are we debating birth control again retrieved from (“Why Are We Debating Birth Control … Again? | Boston Magazine" 2012). In 2012 the fight over access to birth control was thought to be over a long time ago and U.S. Citizens would have never thought it would be a problem. In 1967, Bill Baird the founder of Pro Choice League was arrested for giving spermicidal foam to a Boston University student. His case went through the Supreme Court System where it resulted in making birth control legal in the United States regardless of their marital status. In February 2012 Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown co wrote The Blunt Amendment. The Blunt Amendment is a
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