Why Do We Discriminate Against People?

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“If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity” (“Diversity”). John F. Kennedy said this for a reason, to encourage us not to discriminate against others for who they are. My question to you is why do we discriminate against people for what they have or something they can 't control? Why do we think that someone with a disability is so different or incapable of doing things? I mean you weren’t told to judge people, so why would you think it 's ok? We are all made to make a difference in the world so everyone should try and show it. In our world, there is a lot of diversity and we don 't accept others for who they are: we need to celebrate those who can not control what disability they have or what they look like, such as people with Alzheimer 's. Now we know that so many people discriminate against others and now we need to know some negative stereotypes in the world and realize that so many are very hurtful. Some negative beliefs are, “Old people can 't learn new things,” “Old people are grouchy” and “Old people are absent minded.” These things are definitely negative and aren 't true. Many people discriminate against others for who they truly are, just like in the video, (“Diversity in Students”). Melissa is made fun of for not being able to do math and needs help from her friends at school. And the boy is discriminated against for wearing nothing but black and they call him a weirdo. The important thing is you should be

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