Why Do We Divide Our Society

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Our country is at a pivotal point in its history. This past election has shown how truly divided our country has come. George Washington, who warned against political parties, would be rolling over in his grave. Democrats are more liberal and Republicans are more conservative than both either party has been in the past. The upper class is getting richer, the lower class getting poorer, and the middle class virtually disapearing. These divisions have led to hate and disdain for the other, despite shared interests in education and the economy. Despite the shared interest in economic equity, we will never achieve this goal when divided socially. The American dream cannot exist under the conditions of exclusion, bigotry, and resentment. However,…show more content…
Well-paying jobs as a vital part of the success of our future as sufficient finances are neccesary. Well-paying jobs effectively benefits everyone as money then can be spent and paid to others. A ladder of opportunity for all, like affirmative action, also helps society as a whole because it allows everyone, no matter their background, culturally, geographically, or socioeconomically, to have the ability to thrive and socially grow. This pillar truly focuses on social mobility which is important for our country's future. When people of lower classes have the ability to raise themselves up, then everyone will be benefitted by increased cash flow and an increased diversity of ideas. We and the labor movement can best defend this key foundation by pushing to uphold fair wages and also giving opportunities for employees to advance to higher positions in order to sustain those elements. However, we can even further preserve this core element to the American dream by creating more skilled, higher paying jobs, proactively fighting for increased wages, and also offering every opportunityfor upwards social mobility possible to those less
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