Why Do We Do What You Do?

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Why do we do what we do? People are not aware of the guilt others feel about their past conflicts. Others has always misunderstood and doubted about one’s own decision on how they dealt to cope on his or her traumatic memories for a reason that each individual is different. Therefore, individuals do not know how long and how much effort it takes to overcome those memories. No one understands the true reasons why we make those kind of decisions when there are other options. As for human beings and our job is to be social with one another in helping others while we learn to understand each other position on where they stand during their recovery stage. People can result in a better understanding of oneself by reflecting on…show more content…
To learn from those memories and using those events to help transform oneself into a better person. The second author, Noah Levine, a Buddhist convert, discusses in his article, “Death Is Not the End My Dear Friend” that coping with a loss one and the feeling of guilt, fear, anger and grief has impacted his life through the his experiences in discovering his spiritual self along with overcoming those emotions. Levine uses his experience as a way to benefit others on his sufferings. In addition, his story may help others who faces similar situations. People can understand one’s perspectives by reflecting on his or her prejudices. In the first article by Fran Peavey, her credentials is a peace activist in her opinion is credible because we (humans) have considered how people feel different from one another socially or politically. She specifically states, “I don’t delude myself into believing that everything will work out for the best if we make friends with our adversaries. I recognize that certain military strategists are making decisions that raise the risks for us all.” (357) She points out that she does not delude herself in believing that everything will work out its best with the opposed opponent and making such decisions will have raise a higher risk. She later
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