Why Do We Dream?

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Why Do We Dream?
By William Allan | Submitted On February 06, 2011

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Expert Author William Allan
The question as it was posed;

Your write up is like a journey in itself...

I once heard a religious man say that "Dreams are not to be taken seriously. If they were, they would be reality and not a dream..."

Often, I 'm baffled by the weird dreams I have. Thus the question - Why do we dream??

Organized religions are usually the last source of credible information that you should trust, since they are usually blinded by the dogma of their particular faith. At last count that I know of, there were over 6000 religions worldwide, all, may I add, claiming theirs to be the only way to God and truth. Real truths will never be found kneeling in any church listening to someone explain why you are a sinner. Real truths do exist and they can be found by searching for that which exists within the psyche of each and every person. Organized religion, usually will not harm you but it most certainly will delay and impede your understanding of the true nature of the Universe, the God, and the Divine Processes that make up all realities.

Answer; You Dream Because You

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