Why Do We Dream?

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Why do we dream the things we dream? What dictates the content of the movies for one that we watch when we fall asleep? This is a question that nearly everyone has pondered at some point in their lives and humans have been studying in an attempt to answer for thousands of years. Humans spend approximately one third of their lives asleep, and the idea that such a great portion of our time is spent in a state that we do not fully understand is bothersome to many. As humans, it is a natural desire to acquire understanding about ourselves and the workings of our minds. This desire has lead to a great deal of research and speculation on the topic. It is a common belief among many cultures that the content of one's dreams is a reflection one's character, mental state or even one's future. Some believe that dreams are a collection of entirely random electrical brain impulses pulling thoughts and images from our memories. Others believe that dreams are an alternate reality. However after much research, science has proven that dreams are in fact a function the mind utilizes to manage it's self and sorts through knowledge, emotions and experiences it already possesses in order to retain what it deems necessary and eliminate what is not. Before one can begin to understand what dictates the content of ones dreams, it is first necessary for one to understand exactly what it means to dream and how the dreaming process occurs. By definition, dreams are a succession of images,

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