Why Do We Fall? Essay

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I’m going to sound insane while writing this, I already know it now. Today I had a lot of time to just sit and think, I didn’t go into work. So just bare with me with this. Why do we fall in love? Why is it that we pick one human and we are like “you, you are the human I want to be with”. Is it destiny? Are we meant to be with someone? What happens if we mess it up? But if destiny exists then is the future already there? Is past, present, and future all running at the same time? I watched this one episode of SpongeBob today (yeah I watch SpongeBob) and in this episode it was about Squidward. He was frozen in the freezer with the Krabby Patties, and like a long time later he was thawed out in the future. After Squidward woke up and freaked out, future SpongeBob let him use the time machine that they just had for some reason. Well, first he went to the past, and he ran into caveman SpongeBob and Patrick. But, after that he couldn 't go any farther into the future. He ended up in this white room looking thing, where he was all alone. Maybe that was the future? Since the future hasn 't happened yet he couldn 't go anywhere, he just teleported into nothingness. Does that mean even when we do have a time machine we couldn 't go into the future because there is nothing there yet to go to? But, back to what I said before about love. The whole thing with “Soul mates”. Is that just a bunch of crap? When I was in bible lit senior year my teacher said that God gave us free will. The
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