Why Do We Have Government?

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Elizabeth Taylor Response Paper #3 POLS 2312; Dr. Sledge May 7, 2015 Response Paper #3 Why do we have government? The main answer to the question regarding the existence of government and the constitution is the simple, “political communities create a government as a means of addressing the problems the individual (s), citizens cannot consistently and effectively address on their own.” Government and all the rules we have now are implemented to not only protect citizens from other citizens, but from individuals harming themselves. Even though some laws seem ridiculous, laws such as making driving blind and driving a tractor on the road illegal, one must remember that those laws or regulations are only in place because someone attempted it, and the government wants to ensure it never happens again. The government was established to implement law an order; through the police and the police powers, national security ; security from other countries such as Japan or north Korea, or any Asian countries, from invading, or worse, regulating our lives. The American Department of Defense makes sure that the country’s military and weapons are suitable and adequate to defend and protect the citizens of American’s rights & freedoms, A.K.A the national security of the country. The Department of Defense is also responsible for protecting from domestic nuisance as well. For example the S.W.A.T, otherwise known as the Special Weapons and Tactics, are called to handle situations

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