Why Do We Have Holiday Drinks?

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Holiday drinks. I find no need to have certain flavors during a certain period of time. These flavors should be available throughout the entire year. Pumpkins, for example, is considered an autumn/ winter drink while anything fruity, like mango and strawberries, are considered spring or summer drink. It could be said that we get these drinks during these specific holidays because that is when the fruit or whatever flavor is being used to make the drink out of is common during that time. But it could be argued that because of the trade system we have that is illogical seeing as we can simply order whatever we need from another part of the world and get it shipped to us. It should not be considered weird if people decided that they want warm drinks during the summer…show more content…
It is more like seasonal drinks for example if it cold outside companies decide that there is a need to have warm drinks that taste like vanilla, cinnamon, and Christmas spirit. The reason they have these drinks is because of ONE day of a month but they extend it throughout several months. Take October, companies know that when people think of October they think of Halloween and pumpkins and because of this companies feel the need to make pumpkin flavored everything. But there is holidays like Easter where there is no taste that is associated with the holiday so there are no holiday drinks. Also there is thanksgiving, when people think of thanksgiving they think of turkey but no one sees turkey flavored drinks everywhere. Holiday drinks are just drinks that are seen commonly during the winter months. It could be because Christmas is in the winter months and is an extremely popular holiday with many different taste associated with it so people make drinks. So holiday drinks are just winter drinks which are actually just Christmas
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