Why Do We Have The Right To Die

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There has been a huge debate on whether or not we have the right to die. I believe we all have the right to choose to die, as a child and an adult. How we want to live and die is OUR choice. A numerous amount of individuals who are either sickly or going through a specific health issue know for certain that they will die, so they would much rather choose to die before letting their sickness have the power over killing them. For instance, there was a 4-year old girl that suffered with severe cancer and she told her family that she wanted to go to heaven. At such a young age, she already decided how she wanted to die because she no longer wanted to go through the pain that the cancer was causing her. Most parents were upset that they would give a child the right to die, but it was…show more content…
A sufficient amount of elderly people who are terminally ill do not have anybody to take care of them on a daily basis while they are sick. Most of them are lonely and feel that since they have no one around, they would rather die alone. I stand for all humans having the right to die because a lot of us are afraid of death. Individuals who are sickly especially with cancer, more so get a time limit on how long they have to live. We should be able to live our life the way we choose to before letting an illness make that choice for us. In conclusion, by reason of this being our choice, lacking caregivers and being afraid of death, I do believe that we all have the right to make the decision whether we wish to die. As a child and as an adult, no one should not have to face a death that isn’t wanted especially if we are afraid, or going through a mental/health issue. I think that if option for the right to die were taken away this would mainly affect the person who would want to die because it would no longer be up to them to make that choice and they would have to suffer with whatever issue they are going
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