Why Do We Have Vaccinations?

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Why do we have vaccinations? Is it so that vaccinations help people not get diseases and can help people get over what they have? Vaccinations are a good thing to have so that it helps stop a virus and not get others around you sick. Many people believe vaccination is a good thing to have. Vaccinations can save your children’s life because of all the advantages in medical science, children all over the world can be protected by diseases and more. Diseases that have killed children have been looked into and there has been a vaccine made to help kill the disease or help prevent. ( Vaccinations are very safe and affective. Vaccines are only given to children after doctors look into is and see what all the side effects it has and what it is made out of. While getting the vaccine it can cause some irritation and discomfort. This pain is only minimal of what it could have been with out the vaccination. ( Immunization protects can protect anyone that gets them. Children in the united states still get vaccination even as they are growing up due to the fact that there are more and more diseases discovered every day or over time. In 2010 the United States had over two thousand cases of whopping cough and was reported over 20 deaths, most children were younger then six months. ( This can save many families time and money by getting it done when they are a child and as they are growing up. Children who have diseases van not be
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