Why Do We Learn In Kindergarten

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During your time in kindergarten you learn the academic basics, but more importantly you start learning the essentials to base your morals, values, and ethics. You learn to respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, and caring. Building on these values will stay with you from kindergarten through adulthood. Learning values and ethics begins in kindergarten, but continues throughout the years of your life.
The author conveys that we learn the basic concepts as youngsters and the more complex content as you get older. You learn the building blocks of human nature in kindergarten. Kindergarten is where we learn the most important lessons of being a decent human being. The lessons children are getting in kindergarten make a great focus for adult living. It is amazing to know how everyday life is improved if we apply the things we already learned as a child. Fulgham shows what we learn in kindergarten, still applies today.
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Share everything with everyone and play fair. The concept of sharing everything and playing fair with others is a hard lesson at times. No matter your age you want everyone to share and be fair to one another. If you make a mess, clean it up. You hear this consistently all of your life because no one wants to clean up a mess that someone else made. Don’t hit anyone, keep your hands to yourselves. You have been told this since you were younger and it will always apply to your life as you grow older. Refrain from hitting, no one likes getting hit no matter what the circumstance. When you hurt someone, learn to say that you are sorry. Understanding that you have hurt someone and learning to say you are sorry is an essential part of growing. All of these rules mentioned are relevant to your lives from when you are in kindergarten till you are old and
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