Why Do We Need A Professional Learning Community ( PLC )?

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So, why do we need a
Professional Learning
Community (PLC)?
Time to plan:
Assessment Tools
What are we focusing on?
Establish forum to initiate the community and provide feedback.
I liked this movie, BUT... I wouldn't use it as a teaching tool because of...
1. It's rated R
2. It's too personal to one character
3. There isn't enough historical detail
NOT this...
Provide direct access and utilize different instructional tools to promote learning via virtual platforms.
Welcome to
Develop work history/practice page of teachers to introduce specific disciplines and knowledge to create community of practice.

Develop assessment tool for follow up (survey), revisits and revisions to PLC action plan.
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1. Create an environment that promotes shared exploration of leadership, innovation, and learning.

2. Engage learners and provide a bridge between generational differences.

3. Foster a culture of collaboration among teachers through reflective dialogue and by encouraging personal commitment to create a collective end.

4. Demonstrate relevance to practice by incorporating professional and academic experiences.

5. Promote awareness of resources to be integrated into the academic program.

6. Individual learning will improve as professional learning communities collaborate, learn, and achieve results (Lunenberg, 2010).
PLC Goals
We want to be this....

Safety and Trust
. In order for participants to connect with each other, there must be a sense of safety and trust.

In an atmosphere of openness, participants can feel free to share their thoughts and feelings without fear of retribution.

. In order to coalesce as a learning community, members need to feel that they are valued and respected as people.
It is important for the university to acknowledge their participation and financially support community projects and attendance at related conferences.

. Members must respond respectfully to each other, and the facilitator(s) must respond quickly to their participants.
The facilitation should
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