Why Do We Need?

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Part 1: Why do we need to see what we can’t see? It is very amazing how things are being made. Sometimes we tend to ask why on the things that are new to us. Things that we need answers. Our eyes, we must learn to see things that are not visible to the naked eye, because of its method we’re able to determine what those around us. It is so fascinating of what we can see using instruments such as Accelerometer, DNA sequences, Interferometer, Microscope, and NMR Spectrometer. As a result of using these kinds of instruments, the procedure that being used is achievable to describe how their colors, shapes, motion, direction, and even three dimensions. Science is already part of our everyday life. We used the knowledge of science to make our…show more content…
A more concrete example of that is by placing a magnet closer to some tiny pieces of metal we can see them attracting toward the magnet. We cannot see the magnetic force travelling toward the magnet and the pieces of metal with are naked eyes, but we can observe the force at work by observing the movement of metal prices toward the magnet. Another example that we need to see but we don’t see it is the negative and positive energy that passes through electrical energy. We cannot exactly see the passage of energy but by observing using our eyes we can conclude that the interaction particles are present. Lastly, knowing what is happening and causing things around us is one simple reason why we need to see things that we cannot see. Being curious and aware are very important things to remember as we go on to our daily life. Knowing the things around us, and knowing the causes and reasons why things happened is part of our life. There are things around us that we cannot see literally, but by science we are able to answer a lot of questions that bothers us. As humans, it is our nature to be very scientific and objective. We always want results and answers base on science. Even simple problems that we encounter in our daily life we always want science to be part of it. We always want to see answers even though it is hard and impossible to do and see. Lastly, since us humans are very observable and very eager to learn new concepts
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