Why Do We Need Gun Control Laws

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According to a Washington News article, “In America there are approximately 270 million firearms owned by civilians, and only 897,000 are carried by police officers. 60 percent of people killed by guns die by suicide. According to the centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Suicide is the second most common cause of death for Americans between 15 & 34”(Washington P,2015) . Guns have led to many controversies, disputes, and over all lifestyle of the average civilians. Gun laws are the main cause of many violent crimes in America and need to be changed so that it is more difficult to obtain guns making it a safer environment to live in.

Changing certain gun laws and banning of certain guns can reduce some of the current gun violence. Every
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This would make it easier and safer for police officers and lower crime rates to a minimum. Banning guns like semi-automatics would decrease the amounts of mass deaths for shootings that are meant to kill more than one. The military and higher forces should only use guns of such destruction. “ The more bullets they have, the higher chances of killing more people”(Bjs, 2011). Usually the gun on gun violence is most heaviest in ran down neighborhoods or areas were gang affiliation is high. A Gun Prevention article states,” At least 80% of gun homicides are gang related”(JPFO, 2011). Majority of the crimes and deaths in neighbor hoods that appear on the news are gun related deaths. Meaning the police would not have to worry about being so quick to shoot, where the civilian couldn’t even have the fire arm in the first place without the right credentials. This would make everyday civilians and any other person feel safer. Rather than having to worry if you are going to die or not when getting pulled…show more content…
If there were a major stop to the source of the firearms, it would defiantly decrease the number of people who own them illegally. Most illegal guns are stolen or have a private seller. A PBS article states,” A large source of guns used in crimes are unlicensed street dealers, who either get their guns through illegal transactions or from gun thefts”(PBS, 2014). Stealing the guns only takes away from the enforcements that actually need them for important issues. Not only that, but now the government has to pay to get those guns back. “ The FFl have revealed at least 27,500 guns have been reported either lost or stolen”(PBS, 2014). These are the weapons that are now being sold to people who commit the crimes, increase our death rate, and add on to the current violence. In some cases there can be situations where a firearm is needed.” A national survey finds that nearly half of gun owners (48%) volunteer that the main reason they own a gun is for protection; just 32% say they have a gun primarily for hunting”(P.P, 2016). For example, in many of our past and still existing wars we use all types of firearms. Certified hunters use them to kill animals for the everyday food we eat. Over all banning weapons to a certain extent can not only reduce the death toll in U.S, but could bring us back together as a nation promoting safety
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