Why Do We Need The Oil Producing Community? Does This Look Like Saudi Arabia? Essay

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"You produce the oil from our lands, but we get no benefit from it. Look around, does this look like an oil-producing community? Does this look like Saudi Arabia?" . This angry riposte, from Vinkaviks Ekariko at a meeting between chiefs of a local community in Nigeria 's now volatile Niger Delta region and officials of a Multinational Oil Corporation , reflects Amao’s view that, home jurisdictions in vulnerable areas are generally perceived to be powerless when it comes to the operations of large organisations particularly multinational corporations(MNCs) situated in their area . According to Mujih, MNCs operate on a large scale throughout the world producing both constructive and damaging consequences . He proffers the promotion of economic growth as a constructive consequence of their operations; while on the negative side, he accuses MNCs, particularly those in the extractive industries of colluding with the governments of their host countries, to inflict human rights abuses, damage the environment and consequently, destroying the way of life of local communities .
The Niger Delta region of Nigeria, with a land mass of 17,900 square meters, comprises of Akwa-Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross-River, Edo, Rivers and Ondo States and is located in the Southern part of Nigeria . This region produces the oil wealth of the nation which has accounted for over 90 per cent of the national income for over 40 years . However, the region has continually suffered from environmental neglect,

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