Why Do We Need The Security?

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Not to mention, it will help the follower and leader understand exactly why things are operating in that capacity. Managers do not just make things up as time goes on. All information being flowed has a structure in place for this important reason. It will be easier to adjust when situations arise and things are not going as planned. The reason it will be easier is because the structure of positions from the top on down understands each role and responsibility. Without a solid foundation, security will not stand and target of opportunity will get out of control. Another key point, is to ensure management continues to understand security with continued study and education. Just because a security professional makes it to a certain…show more content…
A final management principle and a very important one to consider is performance. Not performance of self, but all security professionals in the industry. Performance can mean a lot of things and understand specifics need to be further evaluated. Specific areas to consider when evaluated employees are each security professionals potential. If a manger understands who is working for the industry it will create a better work environment. Additionally, members of the team need to be evaluated based off performance. This can highlight future leaders, managers and maybe even top level positions for the future. A manager is only as good as the people working within the industry. Growth needs to be instilled in each employee in order to keep a standard of excellence. How does this look like and what actions need to be taken? First and foremost, manager’s needs to ensure leaders are evaluating security personnel based off duty performance. In the military a rank structure exists for many reasons. One driving factor is position and how well each individual performs based off the entire team. For instance, at a certain level all peers at the same rank are trying to set a sound duty performance. Management outlines the performance and each individual will meet, not meet, or possibly exceed standards. This should not be confused with a dog eat dog mentality. Also, this type of work ethic
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