Why Do We Need To Be Observed In The Classroom

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Culture lives within every human on earth. Societies and countries thrive off of diverse cultural and different backgrounds, working together to survive in a community. The United States is privileged to be a home that welcomes diversity and different cultures. However, with different social norms sometimes two worlds can collide, creating bigotry or unjust assumptions due to a lack of cultural competence. Education systems need to be aware and appropriately train teachers to be open minded and understanding of all ethnicities, backgrounds, and cultures. In the case study 3.9, it is definite that a teacher, Mr. Daniels, generalized a specific student according to a students race, Loc Nguyen, although he is struggling in a ELA class. One of the concepts that needs to be observed is individual orientation. Nguyen fits into the category of individual orientation and not collective, because he does not entirely have a support system and depends on himself. The students goals are to achieve his own academic goals without the dependency or support of other group members. In the other hand, Mr. Daniels seems to contribute to the…show more content…
This is unfortunate because english is not the first language at home, making it more difficult for Nguyen to seek help. The value of education is important to majorities of cultures and to Asian culture. If Nguyen is excelling and doing well in other subjects then this might mean that he values his work and is showing respect to his parents. In some cases, a lack of verbal communication between a parent and child can cause that particular student to completely depend on themselves with school work aside from a teacher. There is also a lack of verbal communication between the teacher and the student, because the teacher is not taking the time and effort to understand the root of Nguyen's academic problem to accurately solve
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