Why Do We Read Shakespeare's Plays

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William Shakespeare was born sometime in 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, a small market town, as the third out of eight children to John and Mary Shakespeare. The exact date of his birth remains unknown, but records reveal that he was baptised on April 26, 1564. Financially, his family was well off. His father was a wealthy trader who later became the Bailiff of Stratford and essentially had the power of a mayor. Shakespeare’s ancestors were farmers known as yeomen.
Shakespeare faced some difficulties in his early life. His two older sisters died young, and he barely survived a plague that killed 1 out of 5 Stratford residents. Shakespeare received some education, but likely only up to a grammar-school level. He never left England or attended a university.
Sometime in 1582, Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway. He was 18 years old, and his wife was 26. Not much of his family life is known except for
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April 23 may also have been his birthday, but no one is sure. He was buried in Holy Trinity Church, located in Stratford-upon-Avon.
There are theories that Shakespeare did not actually write his plays but simply offered his reason that people have developed these theories is that they believe a man with a low education level like Shakespeare’s could not have had the knowledge required to write Shakespeare’s plays. His plays often involved highly specific knowledge that a man of Shakespeare’s status would be unlikely to know. The academics who support these theories regarding Shakespeare are known as “Oxfords.” Although the Oxfords’ ideas are not widely accepted, they are viewed as valid by some people.
Shakespeare has been one of the world’s most influential writers. According to Exploring Shakespeare, his legacy has been so great that “no one else in any artistic endeavor has produced a cultural influence as broad or as deep” (Exploring Shakespeare). William Shakespeare’s writing has influenced today’s culture in a myriad of
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