Why Do We Use Drones?

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Imagine your family of five in your small two bedroom house in the middle of a war torn area, huddled together, because the sound of the deafening drones are flying above invading your space. Then, would you still believe that the use of drones for war are effective? By defining the issue of drones and their concerns for safety, privacy, and warfare, by refuting counterarguments of the opposing side that claims the use of drones are beneficial for society, and by presenting evidence and research of drones and their impact on civilization, one will be persuaded that the use of drones are hazardous and should not be used at all.

Drones are not safe and not reliable for civilization’s safety. Drones have many glitches and sometimes go
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The fourth amendment protects individuals from “unreasonable searches and seizures.” This means that police must get a court warrant or have “probable cause” to invade one's privacy. But picture a police drone flying over your house, maybe you are doing the dishes or folding laundry but you hear and see this drone flying overhead, does that not constitute an “unreasonable search?” This definitely poses another concern for drone use, no one wants a drone, loudly, flying over their house. As Stanley states, “ We do not want the government hovering over our cities and towns 24/7 and tracking everywhere the everyone goes.” Says Jay Stanley of the American Civil Liberties Union. (source A) Stanley poses an excellent argument here, why would anyone want an invading drone scouring over and around their home and the places you go? Privacy is a huge reason for the unwanting of drones by innocent…show more content…
Drone operators can pilot drones over a certain target thousands of miles away. “Drones have several advantages over manned aircraft. Drones can aloft for several days. They can be equipped with video cameras and listening devices that can closely monitor what is happening on the ground.” (source A) Here, the advantages of using drones rather than manned aircraft are stated. Also using drones will lower the rate of pilots killed from backfire during war, this can also be a huge reason why drones will continue to be used in warfare, until a new tecky way of firing during war is made. Another reason why drones are useful during war is because of their preciseness. “ A drone strike can kill a person in one room of a house and spare the lives of people in other rooms. Their precision means there’s less of a chance of innocent civilians being killed. However, there have been cases of drone attacks killing civilians along with the intended target.” (source A) So yes, the precision of drones can be precise, but would we want to continue taking the chance of the drone also killing innocent
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