Why Do We Use Labels Or Classification Towards Everything?

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Why do we as a society use labels or classification towards everything? We label humans, animal, our groceries, plants, etc. Many of us think are because it helps us organize the life we live but that hasn’t worked everyone. The labels we use have a negative impact to those who are one being labeled. Many of them try to live up to the labels or some labels degrade them. The labels with which we identify ourselves and others only keeps us divided and fighting each other instead of having us being unified. In our society today we discuss the immigration status. A candidate for the presidential seat Donald J. Trump has discussed his stance on Immigration. Mr. Trump during one of his campaign states, “When Mexico send its people, they’re not sending their best. They are sending people who have a lot of problems, they are bringing that problem to us, they are bringing drugs, crime and they are rapists.” This prescription adds on to immigrants are lazy, they are here to take jobs, etc. Also, everyone thinks all the immigrant are Mexicans. This has impacted for everyone to see an immigrant as the person who stops this country to reach its potential.
The characterizes of immigration discuss by Donald Trump are not true. I was born in Guatemala and Latin American is bigger than just Mexico. When I migrated to the United States my parents were just looking to aspire a lifestyle. We knew in our country we wouldn’t get the same opportunities as this country provides. My family has…

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