Why Do We Use Quadratic Equations?

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It might seem as if these contributions have no real world applications, however, that would be very incorrect. Completing the square is very useful for quadratic equations, which we have mentioned before. The question lies, where do we use quadratic equations? When projectiles are put into motion they create a parabolic path, to calculate the speed and height at which they travel completing the square would come in handy. Another example would be traveling by boat, or foot, or any other method. You would go one way, then probably return to your original location. This would also be similar to a parabolic path which can be solved by completing the square. Pictured below is what a parabolic track would look like. Figure 5. Parabolic Graph Without the foundation that al-Khwarizmi laid out for all mathematicians to come, there would not be the mathematical field we know today. In every aspect of calculus, geometry and other forms of mathematics, the methods of reduction, completion and balancing come into play. The combinations that those three methods have created can be attributed to the many discoveries we have today. Just some examples are the creation of the World Wide Web, in other words, the internet. Without the algebraic foundation the strings of Booleans, cannot be translated to create the internet as we know it. Without the very intricate mathematics we know today, man would have never made it into space. This one, seemingly insignificant
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