Why Do We as a Society Need a Criminal Justice System Essay

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Why do we (as a society) need a criminal justice system?

As a society there is need for a criminal justice system, as it is essential to have laws throughout the population. We have these laws so people cannot use money or power to benefit themselves. The laws also establish that each person should understand their and everyone else’s rights and obligations within the community.

The criminal justice system, is a system of laws and rulings which protect community members and their property. Therefore, the laws determine which acts are criminal and how the offender is punished. (Sallmann, P. and Wills, J. 1984 Criminal Justice in Australia,
Oxford University Press, Melbourne.)

The criminal justice system in
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This institution requires the community, Courts and the Parole

Board to all work together, to achieve the optimum result. (Community Corrections


The criminal justice system is a complex social tree, the branches of this tree combine social

and economic causes. It is often these other causes that determine the crimes committed and

the response of the criminal justice system. These creators of crime can be sorted into two

main groups: environmental risk factors and individual risk factors. Environmental risk

factors include the physical, social, family, community, economic, cultural and political

environments in which an individual lives For example, higher rates of unemployment can

have an impact on levels of crime, which in turn will affect all sectors of the criminal justice

system. Individual risk factors include mental and physical health status, demographic and

socioeconomic characteristics, attitudes and beliefs, and lifestyles and behaviour. These

individual risk factors must also be considered when looking at the broader context of the

criminal justice systems. (The National Criminal Justice Statistical Framework, Jul 2001.)

Various researches have addressed different outlooks to explain why some people have a

criminal tendency. Examples of these outlooks are by Cesare Lombroso and Sigmund Freud.

Firstly, Lombroso states

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