Why Do Women Occupy the Subordinate Position in the Sex/Gender System

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Question One: Why do Women Occupy the Subordinate Position in the Sex/Gender System?

Gender inequalities between males and females have been existent since time began. In the Bible, these gender inequalities are evident with Eve (woman) causing the fall of man and the distancing from our “Father” and our banishment from Paradise, the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:7). Not only that, the very creation of Eve, being of Adam and Adam being of God, highlights that women are seen as an afterthought in creation. This brief essay will examine gender inequalities within our sex/gender system, but specifically on why women occupy subordinate roles.

As Aristotle and Garlen were mistaken to hold the idea that female organs are a lesser form of the
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Due to the patriarchal lens placed over society, women are unaware of their subordination. It has been entrenched in their morals since birth that they are inferior to men. Michael Levin (1987), a controversial philosopher and known for his critique on certain strands of feminism, argues that women choose to be subordinate. Levin believes that if women made uncoordinated individual choices they would inevitably choose to work in lower paid jobs
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