Why Do Women's Sport And Female Athletes Get In Sport?

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A discussion that is always current is how much attention women’s sport and female athletes gets in the media, and what kind of attention that is. In a lot of cases the questions women are asked in interviews revolve more around appearance and looks than their game and achievements. For example, Swedish soccer star Lotta Schelin, who played in the French team Lyon between 2008-2016 , has said that she has at a numerous occasions received questions from the French press regarding how she has the time to paint her nails before a game and that they are very fascinated with how these women has the time to both play soccer and be “real women” .
This is a problem all around the world, both in Sweden and in India. According to the NWC report the case is especially bad in India, there the women are actually winning more medals than the men, but the male athletes still get more time and space within media than the women. One incident mentioned is when the Indian women’s hockey team won a final against the Japanese team on the same day as the Indian male cricket team lost a match against Australia. After that, the losing men’s team got more media attention than the winning women’s hockey team .
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The results indicated both quantity and the type of coverage being made. Less than 10% of the total sport news time covered female athletes and less than 2% was used to cover women in sports that are considered masculine . When looking at the sport pages in “Dagens Nyheter” on the 9/4, only two short paragraphs and half a page out of a total of 6 whole pages were about women. Also, out of 12 pictures in these pages, 3 of them were of women and the other 9 were of men
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