Why Do You Go An Online Business? Essay

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Some hear about startups being bought for millions by big companies, and hatch plans to start their own internet business.

Others nurture online business ideas that they think will shake the web for long-time before taking the leap of entrepreneurship. While there is nothing bad in dreaming big, it is important to keep the realities of starting and running an online business in mind.

When it comes to starting a web business, there are hundreds of details to be mastered but let’s just focus on 11Cs under the most critical phases of starting an e-venture. And it only makes sense to begin where it really begins.

Initial research and planning

‘Little can be accomplished without planning’. The statement holds true for almost everything challenging in life. Whether you want to start an online store or something completely unique, you need a blueprint, a roadmap or whatever you want to call it. And in order to do that, you need:

Clarity of ideas

1) Clarity – The process of planning cannot begin unless you are crystal clear about your needs. Want to blog for a living? Answer these questions first:

What kind of blog I’m capable of running?
What is the competition out there?
Are there unanswered questions that my blog can address?
Answering such questions will help you learn if you are ready to start and run an online business or need to busy yourself with groundwork.

2) Courage – Every idea is brilliant while it exists in your head. Finding time to put your thoughts on paper,

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