Why Do You Think You Should Become Staff?

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What is your IGN? My current IGN is MiniVans. How old are you? I am 13 years old. Soon to be 14 in December. What timezone are you in? UTC-7 What languages do you speak? English only, I am taking classes in Spanish. :) Why do you think you should become staff? Well here 's a few reasons that show I am highly different than other players applying for staff, ~Resilient~ Resilient - able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions. Which most would say I am that kind of person. I will always end up back on my feet. I don 't want to let things drag me down. It just happens. Which if I wasn 't coming back on my feet to help the server, I wouldn 't be reapplying. ~Maturity~ Most people I know, consider me a mature individual. I try to make the smartest choices. I usually stay away from arguments. I try to make sure I am doing the correct thing. I take it as a job, not an object. ~Active~ I spend a of time ingame and forums and the ts. Which are three great platforms to show your activity and dedication to the server. Taking part in the fun activities, working with the not so good activities. It 's the fact I love to come every day and say "Hey" which is my common greeting ingame. ~Efficient~ I am quick. Which is an important quality for me when it comes to applying for staff. You 'll find me making long posts on the forums which only takes up little time, and you 'll find me editing a video which should take some time, which is done in minutes. Due to the
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