Why Do You Want A Spouse?

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So you know what a gentleman looks like, but how do you find this seemly non-existent person?

Interestingly enough, to find a genuine a gentleman you must first stop looking. This may seem a little backwards but I want at you to look at love and relationships in a radical way for just a second. Why do you want a spouse? Are you lonely? Do you want someone to take care of you? Did your parents control you and now you are lost without someone telling you what to do? Were you raised to believe there is something wrong with you unless you are married? Perhaps you have a desire to have children so you want to be married? If you are looking for a spouse to fulfill a need that is a good indicator you are not ready for a committed relationship. But isn 't a spouse to fulfill your needs? The answer is simple, no. A spouse is not there to fill voids of loneliness, desire of affirmation, fill emotional needs, or tell you what to do. A spouse is there so you can selflessly share your life with another person. When you search for someone to fulfill a need, more often than not, you end up finding a temporary fix to a symptom. Imagine you have a leaky roof. A quick fix to that problem is to get a bucket to collect the seeping rain. But when the rain stops isn 't it a good idea to get out your tools, climb on the roof, and find the root of the problem? Continuously using a bucket as a solution is settling for a leak free home.

Benjamin Frankly once said, "He that can have patience can
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