Why Do You Want For A New Community?

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IGN (InGame Name) - Kianlos
Date of application - Tuesday, November 6, 2014
Skype name (You can just PM MandyWolf if you like) - HIDDEN
Country - HIDDEN
Time zone - GMT-4 Hours
InGame ranks(This Includes donation ranks, if any) - Ethereal & VIP
If accepted, which server? (Op Prison, Regular Prison, Factions, Skyblock) - If accepted I’d preferably like a position on the OP Prison server.
Why do you want to be staff? - I want to be staff on The Cyclone Network because I’ve always had this ambition, whenever I meet a new community I feel as if I need that ambition to play in effect.My ambition is that I want to help players, I want to help them bring forward their greatest possibilities and be out-going, I want them to be happy, protected, and safe, to believe that all of us are family and should stick together to ensure the greatest possibilities. And now, I desire for that ambition to come true, I’ve always wanted to do so, and finally I want to play it in effect. I want to help you guys out so that everyone will feel welcomed and just enjoy the game and not to have to worry about all the hard feelings that may past by. The player must enjoy the game, and I want to deliver that to the network.

I believe being a Staff Member is not defined by the permissions and perks they get, but the true definition is: To be respectful, caring and helpful to players who need it the most. Being able to see players enjoy the game, and have fun is the true…
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