Why Do You Want For?

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Username/IGN: rockberta (will not be changing any time soon)

Previous IGNS (Link namemc profile): https://namemc.com/profile/rockberta

Timezone: EST

Server you are applying for [hcf or white - silver]: Hcf,Kitmap and Factions White

Approximately, how long have you been playing FMC: Probably for a month now.

Do you have previous experience with a staff position / it 's permissions: Yes, I was a mod on a server call MythicPvP, some premissions were to ss players, /ban (username), /mute (username), /tempban (username), and /frezee (username)

Do you have access to a recording software: Yes

Do you have any understanding of what to look for in hacks (Yes or no): Yes I can find almost any client in a SS

Do you have a skype you would be willing to give out if accepted (Yes or no): Yes

Answer these questions based on the rules

What would you do if someone threatened to DDoS/DoS the server: I would mute them first then temp ban him/her as fast as I can (and than tell a higher up staff member to ip-ban them) because if you DDoS/SoS a server it 's like you DDoS a company because the server may be the way on income for the owner, and I would also make sure to tell a higher up staff member to ban them in case they may have already did something or we may be able to prevent it from happening, or so we can tell the players the server will go down for a little bit

What would you do if you caught someone x-raying and they admitted it: I would make sure to

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