Why Do You Want For Study Off Campus?

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4. Courses taken related to your host country
By departure, you should have completed several background courses in preparation for studying in and learning about another country or for pursuing domestic experiences. List any courses which you have or will have completed relating to your OCP country/domestic site:
Since I will be studying drama and theatre, I have made sure to take courses that would create a basis of knowledge from which I will build from and thrive while abroad:

- Art of Theatre (KSU)
- Art of Acting (KSU)
- Intro to Shakespeare (KSU)
- Beginning Acting
- American Drama and Theatre
- Intro to Technical Theatre
- Acting Workshop I
5. Why do you want to study off-campus?
I have been planning to spend time in college studying abroad since I was a freshman in high school. I attended Kent State University during my junior and senior years of high school in preparation for this, earning 44 credits and coming to OWU as a sophomore.

I chose to study in England specifically because English theatre fascinates me, and I plan to dedicate my life to studying it. I aspire to teach theatre at a university in England after earning my undergraduate and graduate degrees. My English heritage is something that I take the utmost pride in. Two of the things I spend the majority of my free time researching are England, and how theatre there impacted American theatre. I cannot imagine a better place to study theatre than the place where it all began, and the home of
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