Why Do You Want The Position?

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Why do you want the position? I am an avid supporter of an organization like Nesta that nurtures the ideas and visions of creative individuals. With my work experience in the creative industries, I am excited and find motivation in fast paced environments, such as events and marketing, which involves my assuming multiple roles from strategy, planning to execution. I am well equipped with experiences that require me to be proactive and attend to unforeseen issues. I look forward to challenges and changing situations. And as mentioned, I am motivated to work in a dynamic environment, because I thrive and feel competent in positions, where every minute I need to be alert, organised, attentive and on the move. As I progress in my career to…show more content…
As a designer, understanding a local culture is crucial. A good example is a pitch that I and my team proposed for Enamour lingerie. For this project certain aspects of Indian culture like feminine modesty were taken into consideration, while designing the space. Besides my background as a conceptual designer, I have been creating Infographics for the past two years which involved formatting information into effective and visually appealing graphics. The role also required creative use of language where information is conveyed in few words. These, I believe, are one of the crucial qualities required for a successful and effective design communication. While managing my personal cake business, among the primary functions, marketing and communicating with customers, suppliers and working in teams positively and effectively were extremely essential. • Communication and interpersonal skills: My experiences in different creative disciplines and working with unique individuals over the years have had a positive impact on my communication and relationship building skills. I have strong presentation skills - including creating visually stimulating presentation slides for pitching design projects and presenting them to clients to communicate and share information articulately. Meeting clients and liaising between client and the design studio had been one of my prime roles as a
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