Why Do You Want To Be A Teacher?

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“Why do you want to be a teacher?” is one of the most common questions asked to a teacher. Some myths about teaching are teachers are heroes, the pay is bad, students are brats, and you cannot just leave your classroom to use the bathroom. Not everything you hear or see on television about teaching is true. There may be times where you want to pull your hair out due to student behavior or wish you made more money, but the job is not about that. Teaching is about loving children and wanting to educate them so they can in return help us in the future by being doctors, lawyers, etc... Therefore, teachers get the wrong impression, because they are either looked at as being the hero in someone's life or not knowing anything about their job.
In “To Teach the journey of a teacher” by William Ayers different teaching styles are introduced. The book teaches us that nobody is a perfect teacher. A couple myths from the book include time management is essential to teaching and you learn everything you need to know about teaching in college. Everyone will have off days when they are teaching and it is not going to go perfectly. Also, you cannot really understand teaching until you are actually in a classroom experiencing it for yourself. School may teach you basic skills and situations that you may encounter, but it is not real until you actually experience a crisis for yourself. Some other myths in the book are all teachers treat their students the same and all children will perform above average. Children come from all different backgrounds and start school in different places. There is no way that teachers can treat every single student the same and ensure that they will all be above average. Overall the book was full of myths that shows what other people think of teachers. In Moore article “Classroom Distinctions” and Rickets article “The Myth of the Hero Teacher,” they talk about how you cannot be a good teacher without being a hero. Moore says we need more hero's in our schools. He also talks about how good teachers are portrayed in movies, while teachers in real life are not. Despite all of the myth about teachers, it is not impossible to become a teacher. Moore says it is a matter of finding a teaching method that
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