Why Do You Want To Be A Teacher Essay

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Interview Questions From the Employer
Q1. Why do you want to be a teacher?
A1. There are couple reasons why I want to be a teacher. To begin with, my mother is a teacher, working in North China Electric Power University, so since young I have learned a lot about universities and I have seen many benefits of being a teacher. For instance an university teacher would have a more flexible schedule as well as summer vacations thus they can spend more time on their topic to do research, also with their children, bringing them to see the world. Furthermore, school is a place that is idealized, without any darkness as in the actual society. This is the place where people can pursue their academics quietly. Lastly, people can realize their value academically
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My original intention of studying abroad is to observe the superiority of education in Western countries, then come back to serve my motherland. In addition, my family is in China and I cannot ask them to come with me to a foreign country after they are retired. I do not want them to feel unacquainted and lonely.
Q9.What do you think is improvable in China’s current education system?
A9. China’s current education system is already great, but it could be better if students are driven by their thirst for knowledge, not the mark, approval. Since starting from university there would not be teachers or parents pushing you anymore, students should actually demonstrate autonomous learning ability and right learning habits during previous school years. Furthermore, our education system should consider more of practice and reality, as well as students’ physical and psychological health.
Q10. If we offered you this job, would you accept it?
A10. To be honest, I would be pretty glad if I am accepted but I would still discuss with peers and mentors to make the final decision. To explain, Tsinghua University collects the top students and professors in China, thus it would be quite challenging and stressful. However, my answer till now would still tend to “Yes” because I know that would be a great
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