Why Do You Want To Be Single Essay

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Most people would say that they would loved to get married one day and have a family. With me in this season of life and right now I feel that I am content with singleness. Some people may ask why have I not found somebody yet. I think I could feel the same way.I feel that God has a purpose and the reason why I am single in this season of my life. There are many things that God says about singleness and what others say about singleness and what I think when I am single. There is a feeling and longing of love that you want from someone. I could say that with God you can find that love and the hope He gives you. There are many expectations , limitations, and principles that come from singleness. The first expectation that I have with being single is being content in being…show more content…
There are many things that you can do to serve God in your time. The first thing I can do is to serve at my local church and do things to get involved and help where it is needed. Serving is something I like to do. I can served the Lord in anyway that He wants me to. We want to work for the Lord because with what we can do for his kingdom. We can see His heart for people and what he wants us to do. We can see with His eyes. Serving the Lord is worth it because it shows others the love and you can make a difference by doing it.
Another expectation of singleness is being wed in the Lord. I think this means that I will live my life with the lord and love him with an everlasting love as He did when He sacrifice his son and gave us life to live. We are the bride of Christ. I am His daughter who loves me unconditonally. I think we can see the fulfillment that comes from know Christ and see his goodness that is around us. He fills us with a happiness that overflows and gives me something to look forward to each and every single day. There is a fulfillment that comes when knowing Christ. He has me in his hand and loves me no matter
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