Why Do You Work For This Organization? Essay

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Why do you wish to work for this organization? Around me college students search for a way to make money and to get through life as quickly as possible, clocking in and clocking out of jobs they care little for, waiting to truly live on the weekends. I fear flying through life to realize that in the end I regret the things I didn’t do and the differences I never made. I want to work for this organization because I want to serve my country through exercising my talents and natural abilities instead of joining ranks where all I am is a number to swell the strong arm of world’s greatest nation. Through what I’ve read, this organization is ideal to the purposes I want to serve. In conjunction with my desire to be part of something bigger than myself, I find happiness when I employ my natural abilities, abilities that are optimal for this organization. Describe your personality and how it makes you a good fit for this organization. Everything I am stems from creativity. I am dexterous and flexible because of my ability to envision, scheme and perform. In school and work, there are minimal requirements to meet; however, I seek to be original and to achieve the maximum. Yet, the key to success is an astounding work ethic, to which I credit all my achievements. Not only does my personality excel me, but those around me. I’ve formulated into a natural leader, and in doing so, have adapted to undertake pressure and to be decisive. This organization seeks those who can work at
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