Why Do Young Adults Become Desensitized To Violence?

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With the increase in video game popularity, there are many games on the market that are extremely realistic. Some of the most popular games are first person shooter games to include Call of Duty and Halo. Upon the release of new installments for these games, people are known to camp out for hours to get their hands on it first. It is also common for youth adults to listen and connect to new songs that glamourize violence. Many people believe that the violence shown in video games and music lyrics will increase the likelihood for young adults to commit violent acts. Arguments to this affect are that young adults are becoming desensitized to violence, becoming more aggressive, and decreasing their social behaviors.

Young adults become desensitized to violence with frequent use of video games that have them killing others. As well as listening to music that portray violent acts as the norm. The first time a person
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From a young age, children are taught that they need to try and be the best of the best. In order to win at first person video games, a person needs to be aggressive. Aggression also comes from music lyrics that indicate that the artist came the hood and had to be tough, thus young adults try to emulate that themselves. This increased aggression and normalization of gang activity can influence young adults to commit violent acts.

Proper social behavior is constantly revolving and video games can impact this process. Many parents complain that their children can get lost in video games. If not interrupted, young adults can play video games for days on end without stopping. When video games consume young adults lives, they start to lose their basic social skills. Music lyrics that empathize with violent behavior has the same impact on a young adults social skills. Giving them the impression that certain acts are acceptable in todays
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