Why Do Zebras Have Pathways?

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Why do Zebras have stripes? One day there was just an ordinary white horse in a field or so she thought she was ordinary. Her name was Taika. She had just been minding her own business eating grass. Taika had suddenly heard a loud roar. She instantaneously swallowed down her food. She slowly turned around to see what was going on. Behind Taika had been a beast. A horrifying disgusting beast. Unfortunately, it was a very hungry beast. Taika could tell in his eyes that he was hungry. Taika did not want to die so she thought of an idea she was a very strong horse and challenged him to a fight. The horse had no idea that she could live forever and her power of being strong. The beast laughed and agreed. “You’re going down,” replied Taika confidently.…show more content…
“What a foolish horse you are thinking you can defeat me.” The beast and Taika decided on the time. They would fight the next day at 3:00 p.m. sharp. Taika practiced all night to fight, but the beast was so confident he would win he decided not to. The next day the two met exactly where they were supposed to. The horse started to charge at the beast shaking all about. The Beast was so confident in himself to win he did have one scared bone in his body. After hours and hours of fighting, there had been a winner. The winner was the white horse she had defeated him. She had been bruised very bad. She had scratches all over her body. It was horrible. She had gone home to rest because it had been such a rough day. Taika was lying down and saw a glimpse of something black on her. She was so confused a huge scar had been there before from the battle. Taika decided to go asleep and see if it was still like that in the morning. The next day Taika woke up with another black stripe on her. “How can this be?” she
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