Why Does America Have A Two Party System?

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Why does America have a two party system?


1. There are three types of political system in the world. They are the one party, two parties and multi-party. America has a two party system. The two party systems are still in existence because of historical circumstance, stability; the winner takes all principle and preservation of the two-monopoly system and due to the informal institutional supports. A two party system is a system that involves two major political parties and these two parties including a majority and a minority party that dominate within a government.

2. It is defined as a system where two major political parties dominate voting at nearly all elections that take place and the elected members form part of either party. The two major Parties in America are the Democrats and Republicans. The arrangement is such that all the parties who are elected form part of wither parties and it is very rare that a third party win any seat in the legislature. There are three types of third parties. These are the single issue, the candidate driven and the ideological. The single issue is made up of the peace and freedom and the independent party. The candidate driven is built up of the reform, Bull Moose and the green. The libertarian and socialist form part of the ideological party.

3. Since the 1852, the Democrats and the Republican have won every United States presidential election. They have also managed the United Congress since 1856. Nevertheless, the…
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