Why Does Art Get Destroyed?

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Why does art get destroyed? This essay will examine many different factors that contribute to art getting destroyed and why these happen. It will look at the various reasons the destruction happened and the consequences that occurred because of them. This essay will look at both religious and political reasons art can get destroyed along with the work that has no connection to religion or politics in how it was destroyed. There are many different reasons why art can get destroyed, some can be accidental and some can be on purpose. So why does art get destroyed? Monolithic structures like the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx have been slowly eroded over thousands of years by the elements and sands of the desert. Fourteen hundred pieces of art were irreparably damaged in floods that devastated Florence. Japanese art, an estimated tens of thousands pieces of art, were destroyed in the great Kanto earthquake and the fire that followed it in 1923. Another earthquake destroyed Ribeira Palace destroying the library which held around seventy thousand books and manuscripts along with many pieces of art. In the case of ISIS destroying works of art and historical artefacts in the Mosul Museum they did it because god willed them to destroy idols depicting Allah put on display by devil worshippers. They have since gone on to ransack and burn the Mosul library and by doing so have destroyed thousands of rare books and literature. This isn’t all Isis is doing to destroy the heritage
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