Why Does Classical Conditioning Occur?

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1. What is conditioning?
Conditioning is the process of learning associations between environmental events and behavioral responses. Environmental events are meaning individuals and their surroundings. Environmental events are based on learning environments, social settings and others. Behavioral responses are meaning is how you respond, or act in different situations, or how you respond or act in a day of events. Conditioning is shown in most of your everyday behavior, habits, emotional reactions and complex skills.

2. How does classical conditioning occur?
Classical conditioning occurs when two different stimulus are put together. For example, Pavlov’s experiment with dogs that when they see food they salivate but with a bell they wouldn’t, eventually when you paired food and the sound of the bell more times the dogs learned that when they heard the bell they would salivate.

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What were the fundamental assumptions of behaviorism?
The fundamental assumptions of behaviorism are how behaviorism is influenced, and it also pertains the process of learning. New behavior is learned through classical and operant conditioning. Both classical and operant conditioning can be studied on animals as well as
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