Why Does College Cost So Much?

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Why does college cost so much? This is a very simple question which yields an extremely long and drawn out answer. This is because of the amount of theories and variables that go into the cost of college, and the amount of different types of higher educational institutes (e.g. public and private institutions). For example, one could point to the government or the recession(s) for the increased price tag on higher education. However, from my own deduction and analysis I have found (through various sources) that collegiate spending, price matching and State budget cuts on funding for higher education seem to be the primary reason for this sudden influx in the cost of higher education. From community colleges to the Ivy League, each is susceptible and responsible in their own way for the modern economic catastrophe that is the American higher education framework. The cost of higher education is a real problem, and it may not seem of dire importance in the short run to the country as a whole. However, students and parents borrowing increasingly larger sums of money in order to afford the high costs that college life presents; impacts the country negatively as a whole (in the long run). Not being able to afford college after the loans have already been taken out leads to some rough waters for students who have already attained their degree; especially if they can’t find a job. In the article Loan Against Your Life by Charles Scaliger this is best stated, “[Students] Unable to
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