Why Does Delegation Exist

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There are great reasons as to why delegation exists
Consider the following scenario using a prior patient from my clinical experience: Patient SA is a 93 year old female, who was admitted on February 18, 2017. She came into the emergency department with the chief complaint of sharp, aching pain in her left leg that failed to cease with rest. She was diagnosed with arterial insufficiency and occlusion. SA was scheduled for and underwent a lower left extremity angioplasty on 2/21/2017. She is now a post-operative day 8 patient.
Her medical history consists of congestive heart failure, gout, hypertension, leukocytosis, deep vein thrombosis, and basal cell carcinoma. Her surgical history consists of a hernia repair and basal cell excision. SA had no known drug allergies and no known allergies in general. She is
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According to The Fundamentals of Nursing, delegation is defined as “the transfer of responsibility for the performance of an activity to another individual while retaining accountability for the outcome” (Taylor et al, 2014). Many nurses choose not to delegate because they still hold “responsibility” for the task. For this reason, they choose to do everything for themselves. However, this mind set is what makes delegation difficult. The nurse must understand that accountability means ensuring that the person that is being delegated the task understands the task, is capable of performing the task, and takes full responsibility for the task. This idea is further supported with Alice Weydt research that states, “RNs assure appropriate accountability by verifying that the receiving person accepts the delegation and accompanying responsibility’ (NCSBN and ANA, 2006). It is the nurses’ responsibility to understand and answer why the action was delegates, and the assistive personnel duty to accept the delegation or to no accept it if they feel it isn’t in their scope of
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