Why Does Evolution Happen

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The theory of evolution is a change over time to help the species survive due to natural selection. (survival of the fit) I believe that evolution and change over time does happen, but it happened after a creation. I will use the evidence to describe why evolution happens and how it happens. Adaptation is the act of changing the way you look or the way you act in order to survive and reproduce. Physical change is a type of adaptation. An example of a physical adaptation is the size of the finches beaks, or the whale's nostrils turning into a blow hole. Next, behavioral change is the other type of adaptation. Whales used to be land animals, but eventually changed their behavior and became water animals so they could find food. Evolution…show more content…
The whales couldn’t find any food on land so they adapted their behavior and eventually the way they look to survive in water. Each couple million years the fossils change. Whales started off looking sort of like a wolf. Then, after a while their back bone started to change. At one point whales almost looked like a seal. () Whales over time lost most of their fur, changed from paws to webbed feet to fins, and their nostrils changed into a blow hole. Whales probably adapted early on because some of them were dying off of they needed food so they went in the water to hunt some fish. They were most likely successful at this so they continued to do this, and evolved to make it easier. Whale evolution supports the theory of evolution because you can see the fossils, and how they changed. Also, you see the fossil record and timeline of the organisms. Because of this you see what they looked like, where they lived, and how the adapted. Scientists can make a fossil record of whales because of the rock layers and fossil record. The law of superposition says that any undisturbed sequence of rocks deposited in layers, which means scientists can look at those layers to create a fossil record. You can use absolute and relative dating to find the age of any fossil. Scientists used half life of some type of chemical to find the absolute age of a whale fossil. Also, they looked at fossils and whale relatives to find relative age, like some
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