Why Does God Allow Suffering?

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Why does god allow suffering to happen in our world? The first five words of that sentence have been repeated probably since the beginning of religion itself. The majority of people have more than likely asked this question when they were present in a moment of suffering or tragedy. God does “allow” suffering, but he does not “cause” it. In order for the people of God to be completely free to love and serve the Lord in the greatest way possible, there has to be free will and free choice. We are free people not robots that are controlled by a superior being. This enables us to enjoy the gift of life that god has created for us. If there was not any suffering in our world we would have nothing to be thankful for. Granted, there are very extreme cases of suffering that have came and gone throughout the years, but on the other end of that, there is also an incredible amount of rejoice and happiness that occurs everyday. Rejoice and happiness would not and could not even be conceivable by the human mind if there was no suffering. “Consequently, such a world, however well it might promote pleasure, would be very ill adapted for the development of moral qualities of human personality” (Hick, p.25). We wouldn’t know what suffering is, therefor, not knowing the difference between happy and sad, therefor, causing us to be boring and lack our greatest ability, to love one another. Over the years, I have seen suffering through many different shades. By shades, I mean
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