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Part Three: Burning Bright Comprehension Check Directions: To give you a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the novel, answer the following questions for Part Three in complete sentences and use a different colored font. 1. Who called the fire alarm about Montag? Mildred called the alarm but her friends set the alarm before Mildred. 2. Explain Beatty’s feelings about the purpose of fire. Do you agree? Why or why not? Beatty states "real beauty that destroys responsibility and consequences" (Bradbury) I don't agree because fire can cause destruction and pain. 3. What objects does Montag burn first? Why do you think he chooses to begin with these particular items? Montag burns his bed and Mildred's because the fire was hotter than…show more content…
According to Granger, why do they still burn books? So they don't get caught with books and ruin their plans. 23. What is the most important rule everyone must remember, according to Granger? “No one is important; they are nothing” (Bradbury) according to Granger. 24. What do Granger and the others hope will happen after the war? People will finally see their mistakes and fix them permanently. 25. Why does Granger tell Montag about his grandfather? What point is Granger trying to make about Millie? Granger’s grandfather is his inspiration and Millie never did nothing to touch or inspire anyone. 26. What does the quote “I hate the Roman named Status Quo” mean? It means you should avoid the ordinary and live the way you want. 27. Describe Millie’s last moments of life, as Montag imagined them. She's in a hotel as the bombs hit and second by second by second the roof collapses and she is slowly crushed under the buildings weight. 28. Granger compares society to the Phoenix. Why does he make this comparison? According to Granger and his analogy, what is the only way society will ever change? Because they keep blowing each other up and never fix it like a phoenix doesn't remember what it did in its other
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