Why Does Henry V Continue to Be Such a Famous and Popular King?

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He made England one of the strongest kingdoms in Europe and academic KB McFarlane even described him as “the greatest man who ever ruled England”. Even though Henry V was said to be brave, fair, likeable and a great warrior, he was also arrogant, ruthless, cruel on campaign and organised massacres. So, how did such a man come to be a national hero?
Henry’s fame started to build when he was a teenager after showing his abilities on the battlefield by taking part in the Battle of Shrewsbury, in Wales. In that battle, he was wounded in the face by an arrow but refused to leave combat, fighting until the end. The King’s army was victorious against the Welsh rebels and Young Henry was recognised throughout England for his courage. Despite his early entry into public life, Henry was well educated. Henry V was the first King of England since Norman invasion to use English as his primary language and who could both read and write in the vernacular language.
Henry’s accession to the throne was broadly welcomed by the population of England because they were desperate for a strong monarch, something England had lacked since the reign of Edward III. And he did not disappoint them. Henry fulfilled every criteria by which kings were judged: good justice, sound finance, true religion, political harmony, accepting consel and nobility. Only one remained: success in war but it was no long before he fulfilled that…
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